Fredericksburg SPCA says fireworks and pets are a bad combination

by | Jun 30, 2024 | Fredericksburg, Non-Profits, Ted Schubel

The Fredericksburg SPCA says as we gear up for Fourth of July festivities,  remember that fireworks are dangerously frightening for our pets.

1 in 5 pets go missing during the week of July 4th. The Fredericksburg SPCA says keep them safe indoors, create a cozy space away from loud noises, and ensure they have proper identification just in case.

Other tips include:  turn on the radio or tv to help dull the noise, use items like Thudershirts, Adaptil/Feliway to hep calm them, and be sure to get walks and lots of play time in early to help tire them out!

The Fredericksburg SPCA says celebrate responsibly, ensuring a stress-free holiday for everyone in the family, including our pets!

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