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Clutter Free Christmas Gifts

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Business

By Linda Clevenger, guest columnist and CEO of Organization Direct

This Christmas skip the chaos and avoid the clutter. Think outside the box. Here are some gift ideas that will make you look like the awesome friend/relative that you are, and are clutter free:

The Gift of Health
A 30 Day membership to a gym or fitness facility -– or maybe to a local nutrition store.

The Gift of Time
I love to receive a Gift Certificate to a Movie. I usually feel guilty spending $35 for a movie and popcorn (and that doesn’t include a babysitter). But if I am only paying for the sitter I enjoy myself a little more.

The Gift of Experience
Give tickets to a zoo, aquarium, a tea party, Disney on Ice – you get the idea. Just a little fun doing something that is extra special.

The Gift of the Month
The gift that gives all year long…fruit baskets, cheese baskets, a magazine subscription (digital or paper).

The Gift of Education
What about cooking classes for a child or a dance class or art class?

The Gift of Technology
How about a subscription to Netflix, a gift card for Shutterfly or an iTunes gift card?

The Gift of Service
A gift certificate for a car wash or for an oil change for the car of minivan. I like the gift of a house cleaning or for a babysitter (to use while at the movies).

The Gift of Pampering
A pedicure or manicure or maybe a gift certificate to a hair salon.

The Gift of Memories
Picture frames for the new school picture or holiday picture. A Christmas ornament that they will remember year after year.

The Gift of Love
A hug and a helping hand during a stressful time in a friend’s life cannot be measured.

This year, take some time to think about the gifts that you buy. Make your gifts memorable, enjoyable and clutter-free.

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