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Our Funding Sources

We wish to thank everyone who has supported our mission of bringing nonprofit, nonpartisan, and independent news to the Fredericksburg Region. Together, we can make a difference in the community by providing reliable and unbiased news to the people of the Fredericksburg Region. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Donations in 2023 and 2024

Founding Corporate Funders ($5,000 and up)

Coldwell Banker Elite
The GemROI Company
Germanna Community College
Hirschler Fleischer
The Janney Family
The Jian Group
Mary Washington Healthcare
United Bank
Zenith Aviation
Zolo, Inc. d/b/a Higashi Glaser Design

Corporate Donors ($2,500 – $5,000)

Claxton Logistics Services, LLC
STACK Infrastructure
Fannin Law
Fredericksburg Technology


The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region
The Economic Development Authority of Stafford County
Germanna Community College
Wilson Sonsini Foundation

Supporters of the Fourth Estate (Individual Donations of $5,000+)

Nick and Jeannette Cadwallender
Bruce Davis
Jan and Al Erkert
Rhonda Fried
Mary Katherine Greenlaw
Phil Katauskas
Mary Jane O’Neill
Howard Owen
Andre Pineda and Carol Ann Kando- Pineda
Fred Rankin
Stacy and Seth Silber

Newsroom Champions (Individual donations of $1,000 – $4,999)

Linda Alsop
Florence Barnick
Bill and Kate Boldon
Mary Jane and Ronald Branscome
Sandra Brooks
Kevin Brown
Lisa and David Durham
Dori Eglevsky
Mark Faller
Jon Gerlach
Jennifer and Joel Griffin
Edward Hontz
Price Jett
Mari Kelly
Don Kennedy
Robert Lang
Ben Litchfield
Margaretha Martin
Donald Newlin
Charlie Payne
Xavier Richardson
Jamie Scully
Jim Toler
Alana Weiss
Linda Worrell
Susan Worrell

Truth Defenders (Individual Donations of $500 – $999)

Beth Black
Jeff Branscome
Joy Crump
Joseph Drennan
Heather Hagerman
John McGuire
Rosemarie and John McKeown
Sara Poore
Florence Ridderhof
Irene Roberts
Jack Rowley
Doug Stewart
Keith Wampler
Alma and Billy Withers

Friends of Local, Independent News: (individual Donations of $100 -$499)
Lynn and Ernie Ackerman
Pat Bagby
Kerri Barile and Bruce Tambs
Eric Bonds
Harrison Braxton
Mitzi Brown
Bob Carter
Ginger and Charles Burke
Michael Carmody
Quincy Click
John and Linda Coker
Lois Colbridge
Melissa Columbo
Owen Connor
Chris Cook
Leah and Robert Courtnage
Steve Cox
Theresa Crawley
Jeannie Dahnke
Elizabeth Daly
Andrew Davis
Richard Davis
Christy DeHaven
Sarah Dewees
Kevin Devitt
Kerry Devine
Susan Doepp
Kelly Donaghey
Xavier Downs
Janet and Glenn Gibson
Sandy and Mike Gillenwater
Shelby Gleason
Bart Goldberg
Kathryn Gregorio
Janet Gullickson
Ann Haley
Lucy Harman
Bobby Hebert
Nelson Henderson
Christine Henry
Wayne Hibbeler
Jannan Holmes
Elisabeth Humphries
Jonathan Hunley
Elizabeth Hunsinger
Sarah Hurst
Margaret Hyland
Pamela Jewett-Bullock
Lyn Johnson
Edward Jones
Marcia Keener
Pete Kelly
Mary Kingsley
Marijayne Kruus
Jason Kunkler
Rich LaRochelle
D.D. and Kenneth Lecky
Elizabeth LeDoux
Elizabeth Lewis
James Lewis
Lorna Lockert
Jack Rowley
Will Mackintosh
Kim McClellan
Richmond McDaniel
Ben McDavid
Jane McDonald
Julie McKeen
Teresa McNally
Lawrence Meyer
Nicholas Minor
Connie Moore
Pete Morelewicz
Laura Moyer
Barbara Muir
Chris Muldrow
Linda Muller
Charles Naples
Susan Scott Neal
Jackie Nelson
Scott Olsen
Susan Park
Jerry Parsons
Susan Pates
April Peterson
David Primmer
Christie Pugh
Rick Pullen
Matthew Rathbun
Thomas Savage
Jane Shelhorse
Arthur Silber
Anne Silver
Kirsten and George Snead
George Solley
Suzy Stone
Kirsten Talken
The Tankersley Family
Matthew Thomas
Jim Vaught
Mary Vreeland
Ann Sears and Tom Wack
Ron Wasem
Stephen Watkins
Sabina Weitzman
Mary Lou Weselin
Ed Whalen
Mary Ellen Wheeler
Carey Whitehead
Daniel Wildman
Matthew Williams
Alma and Billy Withers
Benjamin Yazman

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