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Bullying Prevention Month Resources

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Schools & Education

By Terry Vittone, copywriter, Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI)

Wouldn’t it be great if 31 of the most current and useful resources for school bullying prevention AND 31 profiles of the most influential “Difference Makers” in the world of school bullying prevention were all assembled in one place?

Well, yeah.

If you are an educator, human service professional, parent, sibling, or friend (just about everyone), now is the time to check out the stellar collection of resources available at CPI’s School Bullying Prevention Difference Makers – 31 for 31.

In addition to the great resources and profiles of the hard-working professionals (the Difference Makers) devoted to school bullying prevention, you’ll also have the chance to download our Bullying Prevention Tip Kit, listen to podcast interviews with select experts in bullying prevention, and discover products designed to help you create and maintain a safe, positive learning environment.

For more than 30 years, CPI has been dedicated to creating crisis prevention and intervention training and resources to support the work of human service professionals and those they serve.

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