Butts Are Litter Too! Campaign

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Business, Government

The Fredericksburg Clean and Green Commission is sponsoring its “Butts Are Litter, Too” campaign August 24 – 30, 2014.  The commission wants residents and visitors to to be aware of the litter caused by cigarette butts.

In fact, cigarette butts are toxic litter. According to Legacy, an organization primarily dedicated to studying and providing public education about the impact of tobacco in order to reduce its use and associated death and disease, cigarette butts:

Leach toxic chemicals and carcinogens that pollute the environment.
Are poisonous to wildlife.
Contaminate water sources.
Are the number one item found on beaches and in waterways worldwide.
Are the number one littered item on U.S. roadways.

They are also an eyesore.  “Let’s keep our sidewalks clean,” the Fredericksburg Clean and Green Commission said.  “It’s the little things that can determine someone’s opinion of the city.”

The Fredericksburg Clean and Green Commission is providing free sand buckets, yard signs and stickers to businesses to support this campaign. Downtown businesses may call Ann Glave (540-479-1595), executive director of the The Fredericksburg Main Street Initiative,  for supplies.

The purpose of Fredericksburg Clean and Green Commission is to ensure effective planning and maintenance of landscape elements and amenities, and to encourage a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment in Fredericksburg.

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