Tim Duffy

City Council Candidate Tim Duffy

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Government

By Susan Larson

Tim Duffy faces Richard Friesner for the Ward 3 City Council seat in the Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Fredericksburg General Election.

Each candidate was invited to answer the same three questions from Fredericksburg.Today.  Answers from Tim Duffy follow.  (Richard Friesner’s responses are published here.)

1 – What is your educational background? Degrees earned and from where?
Ph.D., American History, University of Virginia
MA, American History, University of Virginia
BA, History and Mathematics, Mary Washington College

2 – What is your current occupation?
Assistant Principal, Walker-Grant Middle School, Fredericksburg City Public Schools

3 – What do you believe are the two or three most important issues currently facing Fredericksburg and how do you propose solving them? It’s best to keep your response to a maximum of 600 words for online reading.
Economic Growth
The long-term financial health of our community dictates that we act in a comprehensive manner to insure that the City remains the regional hub for tourism, commerce, and culture. We need to continue to build upon the recent improvements to downtown, creating a business-friendly environment, in order to fill our shops and restaurants. We also need to find creative ways to attract businesses that bring high-paying jobs to Fredericksburg.

Local Neighborhoods
As we work to bring vitality to our local economy, we must also reinvest in our neighborhoods, in Ward 3 and throughout the City. This means addressing deferred maintenance and improvements in infrastructure, such as roads, walkways and beautification efforts, particularly in neighborhoods along the major entryways into the city along Route 1, Route 3, and Lafayette Boulevard.

The quality of life in Fredericksburg depends in part on working successfully with our neighbors in Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties to address issues that extend beyond city limits. City Council and City staff must not only effectively manage regional agreements already in place (such as those involving water, sewer, and waste management), but also work to find solutions to transportation issues, and seize opportunities to expand heritage tourism and economic development through regional efforts.

Editor’s Note:  All answers appear unedited.  Answers from the other candidates are available at Fredericksburg General Election 2014.

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