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Gail Lamirata, SimplyTrue, Entrepreneur of the Week

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Business

By FredXchange

Each week members of the FredXchange community nominate an entrepreneur of the week.  This week it’s Gail Lamirata, founder of SimplyTrue, a preservative and additive free snack company.

Congratulations to Gail Lamirata – Entrepreneur of the Week!


 Where did you grow up?

Titusville, Fla.

What’s your professional background?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science

Describe your idea, startup, or business?

I started SimplyTrue. It is a preservative and additive free snack company. Currently we specialize in Gourmet Roasted Chickpeas.

What’s the value proposition of your idea, startup or business?

Having the ability to grab a snack on the go that is not full of junk is almost impossible. Especially if you want one that tastes like a snack — crunchy, delicious. Also having something that travels well in a bag or purse.

Your tagline in seven words or less.

Snacks that taste & satisfy like a snack.

What was your inspiration for your idea, startup or business?

My husband and I started a journey of eating more clean, real foods. We found that unless we wanted a bar or fruit and veggies, there were not a lot of  “snack” options, especially if we were on the go. That is when the long journey to the prefect roasted chickpea began.

Who are your customers?

Anyone who wants a snack. Also anyone who eats real food, avoids gluten or has a nut allergy. We are school friendly!

Why the Fredericksburg region?

Fredericksburg is becoming a local food hub. The culture is foodies with a real conscious mind about where their food is sourced from. Choosing local over not. Also because I live close by.

Fun fact about you or your business?

I don’t like spicy food, so I can only sauce Sriracha Lime when my husband is home to taste test for quality… and heat level.

Favorite quote.

“Good is not good where better is expected.” – Thomas Fuller. My dad said this to me in high school to prove his point that just getting A’s was not the goal. I was there to learn, become a better person and eventually make a difference in the world. I live by this quote in most areas of my life.

Advice to fellow entrepreneurs?

Don’t let fear be the reason you hold back! Fear is the reason many people never fulfill their dreams. Some try to mask fear as practicality, but deep inside they are afraid. Being fearless is what will propel you to the path you were meant to take.

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FredXchange will host its third Startup Weekend September 26 – 28, 2014.  Information and registration are available online.

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