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Help Your Kids Tackle ‘Multiplication Math Blues’

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Schools & Education

By Elizabeth Colon of Above Grade Level Fredericksburg and Northern Virginia

You can help your kids overcome the multiplication math blues.  What do I mean by the multiplication math blues?

I’ve recently come across a number of students who are struggling with math (not particularly shocking because of the business I am in).

Frequently their assessment reflects proficiency in multiplication but falls apart in division, percentages, fractions and decimals. Why?

While the assessment reflects proficiency, the fact is they know how to multiply but they don’t have their tables memorized. Because many schools have moved away from memorization preferring to have kids “count-it-out”, we are seeing an increasing number of children with difficulty in the math topics following multiplication.

With summer approaching, tackle multiplication memorization with these fun and easy methods:

Create Visual Flash Cards: Assign a color to each number 1 – 12. I always think of the color green for the number 6. For me, the 6 times table would be green. When your child is working through a tough problem they will be able to visualize the answer.
Write Songs: Have you ever noticed how your children have the words to their favorite song memorized but can’t remember even the smallest phrase, “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west”? Melody helps memorization. Work with your student to create a fun and memorable multiplication tune to their favorite melody! Here is an example!
Practice in the car during vacation: Rather than listening to “are we there yet?” encourage your child to sing their new multiplication tune to pass the time. You can even purchase an instrumental only version of the song!
Buy a multiplication workbook: I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “if you don’t use it, you lose it,” and it’s true! Without consistent repetition, your child will forget how to accurately complete math problems. Work on math over the summer so you can avoid having to clear out the cobwebs when school starts again!

If the above seems like an insurmountable task, we can help! Above Grade Level is a local women owned in-home tutoring company. We work with students K – 12 in a variety of subjects to help them achieve their maximum potential.

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