Linda Clevenger reminds us life is not fair

Life Isn’t Fair – The End

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Columns

A weekly column on Fredericksburg.Today by Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct.  This is the final installment of her three part series Life Isn’t Fair.  Read the first installment,  When Life Isn’t Fair. Read the second installment, Life Is Not Fair, Part II

Once I realized that everything happened for a reason it was easy for me to change my attitude and get out of the “life isn’t fair” mentality.

Truly…everything does happen for a reason, the good, bad and the ugly.

I began to think about it this way:

There wasn’t a better time that my husband could have fallen off of the roof. If he had waited two weeks longer to do it, his insurance would not have covered all of his surgeries.
Had he not fallen off of the roof, he wouldn’t have been able to stay at home and take care of our granddaughter (who was born seven months after his accident).
Because of his fall, he was able to stay home with our granddaughter and allow me to continue working my business, without having to put her into daycare.
Because he stayed home with her, he has built an amazingly strong relationship with her that can never be broken.
Our granddaughter kept me sane during all of the surgeries. She was there for me to hold and snuggle when I felt down.
The whole experience has given me more inner strength than I could even have imagined.

Getting out of the “life isn’t fair” attitude allows me to roll with life and expect the unexpected. I don’t go into a panic mode when something “bad” happens. I am able to see situations as opportunities. Situations are opportunities to learn something new or an opportunity to become a better person.

This has also taught me to trust my instincts more. I listen to my gut! If something doesn’t “feel” right I will ask questions until my gut feels better about it or I will walk away from the situation. It has taught me that I am in charge of my decisions which and how I act and feel about every minute of my life.

I have accomplished this mostly by changing my language. I removed the following words from my vocabulary and thoughts…can’t, but and hate. I only use positive language which, in turn, keeps my thoughts positive as well.

I look at every day as an opportunity to do more, learn more and be more as a person, a mother, a grandmother, a spouse and a business owner. I enjoy new experiences and step outside of my comfort zone every chance I get. And, lastly, I concentrate on healthy and positive daily habits.

Life is short so make the most of every day and find something to enjoy. You never know what tomorrow may bring.

With the right attitude – Life is Always Fair.

Read the first installment in Linda’s “Life Isn’t Fair” series:  When Life Isn’t FairRead the second installment, Life Is Not Fair, Part II

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