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Make Good Use of Your Time

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Business, Columns

A weekly column on Fredericksburg.Today by Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct.

I hear it all the time – there just isn’t enough time! You are well aware that we cannot make more time. We are only given 24 hours every day, and sometimes it just seems as if that just isn’t enough to get everything done.

Some days just seem so productive. Other days it seems as if time passes by and the list of things that I want to do just keeps getting longer and longer.

“To Do” lists are great. I think we all need to have some sort of “To Do” list. If you are a “paper person” then written it down. If you are a “computer person,” then use a Free App on your phone (just don’t ever, ever lose your phone).

No matter how you organize your “To Do” list, please to this — Prioritize!

Your To Do List boils down to this. There are things that I “Want” To Do. There are things that I “Need” To Do. And there are things that I “Have” To Do. This is called prioritizing your list.

As a business owner, I have all three categories on a “To Do” list for my business and for my home. The two do not mix. When I am focused on business (which is at least 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.), I don’t work on my home list. After all, if I were working for a “boss,” I wouldn’t be able to do this, right? I’m willing to work just as hard for myself as I did for Corporate America!

This can all become even more overwhelming when you are in transition mode. Transition can be, for example, next week when school is out and schedules change, dynamics and finances change and we will need to adjust.

For me, along with the school transition, I am also making some business transitions. After returning from the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference in Phoenix, I’ll be making some changes to my website. This means quite a bit of work for me (or someone else). There are so many things to think about. The only way that I can make this happen is to put it all on a list and prioritize everything.

So, I have it broken down into my “Have,” “Need” and “Want” To Do List.

My “Have To Do” list includes:

Figuring out how to “take” videos on a weekly basis. What is the easiest way to do this?
Figuring out the easiest way to upload these weekly videos.
Getting a calendar on my website that will include trainings.

My “Need To Do” list includes:

Write my newsletter
Keep on task with my blogs
Manage my schedule to get it all done

My “Want To Do” list includes:

Rearrange my office
Put up my new large white board
Get all of this done

Part of me would love to stop everything right now and rearrange my office. This is something that needs to happen -– but it is not worth me stressing over when other deadlines are more important. So, it will stay on my want list for now. Life will go on and it will all be ok!

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