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Is Your ‘Things to Do’ List Going Nowhere?

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Business

A weekly column on Fredericksburg.Today by Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct.

Is your list of “Things to Do” going nowhere because Life Keeps Getting in the Way?

When you start feeling as if life gets in the way remember this … your reaction to “life” will dictate the results that you achieve. If you immediately go into the mode of “why me” or “poor me,” you aren’t able to concentrate on “how” to handle a situation — and it is important to be able to concentrate on the “how.”

So how will you handle situations when life keeps getting in the way?   Here are my tips –- because it happens to me too!

Step back and think about the situation in a positive manner. Every action and reaction (and the words that you use) will dictate the outcome of the situation. I like to think about it this way … I may not know the “reason” for the situation. I may not think that it is fair, either. But, how many times do we tell our children – life isn’t fair! You may be saying right now, “Linda, are you crazy? How in the world can something positive come out of this particular situation that I am in?”  Well, here is my next tip.
Don’t make any rash decisions or statements. Take the time to think things through. So many times, we simply react quickly, and we can make things worse than they need to be. Decisions do not always need to be made immediately.
Develop a support team of business associates, friends or neighbors who also think positively and have the same mindset. These people will allow you to “vent” and understand that you simply need to talk about the situation. They will not necessarily agree with your thoughts. (And you don’t expect them to agree with you). They are the people who will intently listen to you for a short period of time and then step in and offer their honest and experienced opinion. The key to making this work is that you have to be willing to hear things that may put you on the spot or make you feel uncomfortable. A good friend will not offend you with their comments, so you are OK with this.

The best laid plans will be disrupted by life. It doesn’t mean that you should give up, give in to circumstances or put things on hold forever. Putting things on hold for a short period of time is acceptable. Just remember this … you are still in charge of putting these items back onto your calendar.

Take responsibility for what and how you handle situations when life keeps getting in the way.


Pity parties are acceptable for a short period of time – to the right people.
You are in charge of your attitude toward the situation and your attitude can guide the results from negative to positive.
Don’t act quickly or over-react to a situation. Take the time to slow your thoughts down and think things through.

Life is all about choices. I don’t know many people who would choose to have to deal with drama or chaos. But life will keep getting in the way if you allow it to. Stay positive and get positive results.

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