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Where Are Those Papers?

by | Dec 13, 2014 | Business

A weekly column on Fredericksburg.Today by Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct.

Do you every go into stress mode asking that same question, “Where are those papers?” I’m willing to bet that we have all at least thought it, if not said it out loud.

As I write this, I can’t imagine how our friend’s family is dealing with the unexpected death of a family member just last weekend. They can’t find anything and are totally overwhelmed. I wish they had a LifeInCase.

There are so many documents that you only use occasionally. Some of these documents may be your actual social security card, your birth certificate and, if you are military, your DD214. Life Insurance policies, custody paperwork, the deed to your home – the list is very long. These are probably things that you don’t think about until you really need them. Then what?

We had that a minor paperwork emergency this week. My husband started working with a new company and they needed proof of this and proof of that along with his birth certificate, and all of the documentation for our little girl so that she can be included on the benefits package.

Well, finding her information was easy peasy! It was right where I had left it. That was found in two minutes (or less). Finding the other information was not so easy. You see, hubby had put it somewhere safe! He remembers specifically putting it somewhere that he would be able to find it (the next time that he needed it). Unfortunately, he can’t remember where that place is! It has been five years since he last used all of the information and, well, a lot has happened in the last five years.

I was biting my tongue! I couldn’t help look for the documents because I had no idea where he had put them. He was on his own. Maybe you’ll think this is mean, but I knew where I could find an original birth certificate, so after about 20 minutes I went and pulled it out. (Besides that, I was getting tired and it was late). This was enough to meet the company requirements to complete their paperwork.

His next comment was classic! I was doing my best to keep from celebrating right in front of him! He said, “I need to put all of these papers into our LifeInCase!” Woohoo!! I have never been happier. You see, LifeinCase is an awesome life management and paper documentation product that I sell on my website.

The case is broken down into five folders and the folders tell you exactly what information should be stored in each. The folder titles are:


This organization system takes the question about “what” you should keep and “where” it is stored. Of course, the LifeInCase itself is stored in a secure location. (Because you do have to find your LifeInCase).

I can guarantee you that when he does find that file with all of his important paperwork he will immediately put it into our LifeInCase. And we will have a good time laughing and remembering this week.

And, of course, I’ll take it just one step further. (The organizer in me just can’t resist). I’ll make a note in my MobilLogic account with all of the information that is in my LifeInCase. Avoiding the stress of an urgent (and time-sensitive) situation is invaluable.

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