Transformation Is All About Mindset

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Business

By Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct

As we step into 2015, I am hearing more and more people saying that they are “not” making Resolutions. Why…because they never are able to keep the resolutions more than just a few weeks (or a month at most). Then the feeling of failure sets in and well – the cycle continues.

Here are my two cents… Resolutions aren’t possible without transformation. You are going to hear me talk a lot about transformation this month. Transformation is a mindset that allows you to make smart choices, good choices and choices that make a difference – choices that help you keep resolutions.

The word transformation means:
– Change
– Alter
– Overhaul
– Convert

Nothing happens until something happens, and my goals are too big to accomplish without a total transformation in:
1. How I do things
2. Why I do things
3. When I do things.

Let’s address these each and start with the “how.”
– When you identify “how” you can do things (activities) quicker and easier, you will save a ton of time. This will make you super-productive!
– Your “why” should be very clearly defined. Prioritize your tasks (or To Do List) to what really needs to be done today. And what doesn’t need to be done today can (and will) wait until tomorrow.
– Knowing “when” you should do things… Sometimes as much as I want to get up and tackle something first thing in the morning, the morning is not the best time to do this task. This can all be determined by your personality, schedule and “what” you need to do.

January is “GO” month. “Get Organized Month”. It is the month to make decisions about what you want to change, then make it happen. Start by making the pledge to yourself to transform your space and your life. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

For the last month I have been gathering information from professionals all over the US. who have helped thousands of people get organized and transform their space in every area, including home, office, closet and paper clutter. I’m posting a daily tip through January on Facebook and Twitter, to help you with the transformation process. Follow along at:

Facebook: Organization Direct
Twitter: @LindaClevenger

Need help with your transformation? Call Organization Direct at 540-220-5912.

-See more at: http://www.organizationdirect.com/organize-your-life/transform-your-space/#sthash.lcj2L7uy.dpuf

Linda’s previous columns are at this link.

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