Rebecca Rubin Honored as ‘Patriotic Employer’

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Business

Marstel-Day CEO and President Rebecca R. Rubin (far left) receives the Patriotic Employer award. Photo courtesy PRWEB.

Rebecca R. Rubin, CEO and president of Fredericksburg-based Marstel-Day, was recognized January 20 as a Department of Defense (DOD) Patriotic Employer for her support of employees in the National Guard and Military Reserves.

A Marstel Day staff member nominated Rubin for the award. “[Marstel Day] goes above and beyond the requirements by law,” said Shannon L. Hicks, a senior analyst at Marstel-Day and an Air National Guard lieutenant colonel “I recognize and appreciate what a gift it is for a small business to provide active members of the Guard and Reserve the flexibility needed for training.”

The company has a strong record of employing military veterans and retirees, including Guard and Reserve members. Company policy provides paid leave of up to 10 days a year for training.

Marstel-Day is an international consulting firm with 11 offices specializing in natural resource and environmental services.

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