Who Has Their Eye on Your Computer?

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Business

A guest column by Linda Clevenger of Organization Direct.

Who has their eye on your computer? No, I’m not talking about spies. I am talking about the security of your computer.

Just last year my computer got sick with that awful virus, I forget the name because I just don’t want to remember. It hit my computer like the flu is hitting everyone right now. At least if I were to get the flu I could lie in bed and know that it will pass…eventually.

Well, when my computer got sick I needed someone to take care of it for me. While I love “IT” I don’t know squat about the ins and outs of what the virus was doing with my computer (or how much information I may have lost). I just knew that I needed to find the right person to fix it.

This is why I called Scott Meade with Scott on Call. Scott is a local entrepreneur whom I have known for over five years. He has a wide variety of computer experience and is a great resource. I was very comfortable allowing him to “virtually” remote into my computer and fix it for me. Honestly…this was the best part. I didn’t have to leave my office!!

I guess this was my wake-up call. Being an organizer everyone expects me to have all my “ducks in a row” and I do…for the most part. Or at the very least, I will re-prioritize my list to make sure that I put first things first and get the most important tasks done. However, I don’t have the patience, experience or time to even attempt to fix my computer. That is why I called the professional.

What was great about the experience is that I had very little down time before my system was up and running and I hadn’t lost any information. Whew!!! And, yes…my computer is always backed up but that still takes time and frustration to retrieve the information. Let’s just say that I’d like to avoid that feeling, if possible.

Because of Scott Meade and Scott on Call I now have a computer scan automatically running on my computer, in the middle of the night, that alerts him with the potential of any threats or risks that are trying to attack my computer. He gets an alarm and, even if it is in the wee hours of the morning, Scott is handling potential threats and I don’t even know about it. It helps me stay organized and on task. I’d rather be safe than sorry and avoid frustration, if possible.

Scott provides this service to individuals, home-based business and businesses with multiple locations and lots of employees. He is one of the best-kept secrets in the area so I just had to share it with you.
Keep your computer safe…give Scott a call at 540.845.3195 …. #noworries #computersecurity

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