Skydive Orange Offers Opportunities for Beginners to Advanced

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Business

Ned Wulin and Gigi Rucker of Skydive Orange

By Susan Larson

The higher the plane ascended, the more frightened I became. I’d long said I planned to skydive. Now, as the plane leveled off at 13,000 feet and my tandem partner instructed me to slide toward the side door, I felt fear like never before. Terror gripped me as I stood looking out. What kept me poised for that leap into the unknown was my ego. I’d bragged to my son that I was going skydiving.

The moment of jumping the rush of wind hit my face and took my breath away. One moment later — I was hooked. It wasn’t at all the falling sensation I expected. I felt like I was flying, and the view was spectacular.

I invited Skydive Orange to be my guest on “Town Talk” April 16 to share about the sport of skydiving. Skydive Orange, located at 11339 Bloomsbury Rd., in Orange, Va., is one of the largest skydive clubs in the country, and it’s only about 30 minutes from downtown Fredericksburg. Instructor Ned Wulin and Drop Zone Manager Gigi Rucker shared about all Skydive Orange offers, opportunities for beginners to advanced. They even welcome spectators.

Listen to the podcast of our discussion.

For more information, visit the Skydive Orange website or call 703-759-3483.

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