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by | May 12, 2015 | News

A column on Fredericksburg.Today by Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct.

I have been having trouble finding time to do more every day. It has really taken some serious concentration to do everything that I “have” to do.

I’ve talked about this before — the “have,” “need” and “want” to do and how to prioritize it all. I recently wrote about how hard it is to change. It is hard to change our habits, behavior and actions. However, change is necessary in order to find the time to do more every day.

One thing that I have done is to start and take a good hard look at where I spend my time. There are certain things that I “need” to do every day. Social media is one of those things. I need to have posts, likes, comments and shares — otherwise, people wonder, “Where is Linda.”  I know because I’ve been asked this question when I have traveled and not had internet access.

While I know that social media is something that I “need” to do every day, it does not need to take control of my day. I have found that there are very specific times during the day that I am more creatively productive, and this is when I write my blogs and newsletters.  There are other times that I am able to concentrate better on social media, and can easily block out just a few minutes to make posts, likes, comments and shares.

Of course, I am not really 100 percent capable of sticking to a minute by minute schedule with regards to everything. Flexibility is required. Sometimes hands-on clients need attention and the best time for us to meet is first thing in the morning,  which is my best time to write. Because of the 5 P’s –- Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance — I have learned to allow enough time in my schedule so I can easily shift my writing time to another day.

A lack of flexibility leads to frustration, chaos and overwhelm. And, it restricts what we really can accomplish every day. A schedule should not be so rigid that it doesn’t allow for some form of the unexpected. Being able to adjust to situations allows flexibility and the ability to find time to do more.

This is why there is always a little “cushion” time in my schedule. If I am traveling to a client’s location, I will check my Google maps to see the estimated travel time to that location. This allows me to plan ahead and leave early, if necessary, and arrive on time — or maybe even ahead of schedule. It also prevents the “rush” feeling of being late and the need to apologize for my tardiness.

To help yourself find time to do more, plan ahead, don’t overbook, make an action plan and ask for help.

Some tools to help you with this are:

Plan everything on your calendar, including your writing time, travel time and planning time.
Lay out how you will plan your project. Having it planned will save you time from having a “redo,”
Concentrate on what you “have” to do every day. Accomplish that list first and move on with the rest of your day.

If you would like help finding more time, reach out to me at [email protected].

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