13 Siblings Injured in Van Crash

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A small red pickup slid into the path of a white van on Lansdowne Road in Fredericksburg on May 18, 2015. Photo copyright Robert A. Martin.

By Susan Larson

Thirteen siblings riding in a van driven by their mother suffered minor facial injuries, including the loss of teeth, when the driver of a small pickup lost control and crossed into the lane in which they were traveling. The crash occurred May 18, in the 200 block of Lansdowne Road in Fredericksburg.

“The truck‚Äôs rear end lost traction and began to fishtail, with the vehicle veering to the left, and the rear end coming around to the right,” said Lt. Barry A. Taylor of the Fredericksburg Police Department. “This forced the truck broadside in the road, and it was struck in the right door by the passenger van going in the opposite direction.”

The driver of the red truck was charged with reckless driving and excessive speed relative to the road conditions, police said. It was raining at the time of the crash.

The truck driver had multiple broken bones, including nine breaks in his left arm, police said. His injuries are not expected to be life threatening.

The children told police they were all wearing seat belts.

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