Fox with Rabies Confirmed in Spotsylvania

by | Jun 21, 2015 | Health & Wellness

Health officials are warning residents of Spotsylvania County that a gray fox found in the area of Spotswood Furnace Road has tested positive for rabies.

The Spotsylvania Health Department is notifying the public in case anyone — or any pets — may have had contact with the animal shortly before it was located June 4.

Any known contact with wild animals in the area or a pet observed behaving abnormally should be reported to Spotsylvania Animal Control (540-582-7115) and the Health Department (540-507-7386).

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. It is preventable in animals through vaccinations, but is fatal to both animals and humans if left untreated, according to the Health Department.

To Prevent the Spread of Rabies

• AVOID contact with wild animals and domestic animals you do not know.
• REPORT unusual acting animals.
• VACCINATE all dogs, cats and ferrets and keep their vaccinations current.
• CALL your doctor and the local health department if you are exposed, or call your veterinarian and local animal control if your pet is exposed.

Vaccinating dogs and cats also protects people from contracting rabies, health officials said. “If the domestic animal population is properly vaccinated, it breaks the transmission cycle of a wild animal infecting a domestic animal (pet), and that animal infecting the pet owner.”

Rabies Clinics

The Virginia Department of Health maintains a statewide rabies clinic site at Rabies Clinics by Health District.

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