Helping Nonprofits Perfect Their Pitch for The Community Give

by | Jun 26, 2015 | News

Andie McConnell, executive director of the Fairy Godmother Project, is thrilled to accept first prize from Jeff Smith in the Perfect the Pitch contest. Photo copyright Susan Larson.

By Susan Larson

Jeff Smith and David Mills were talking about ways their companies could help area nonprofits, when they hit upon the idea for Perfect the Pitch.

“We offered Perfect the Pitch as a way for nonprofits to foster new marketing skills and effective story telling to support their mission,” said Mills, a founder and principal partner of Story Collaborative. “The ability to tell your story is a vital part of sustaining your work.”

Perfect the Pitch provided a free series of workshops to nonprofits registered for The Community Give. The seminars focused on boosting social media impact and improving communication through visual storytelling. At the end of the workshop series, 29 participants submitted their presentations (view them here) to a panel of judges for a chance to win Community Give pre-event prizes totaling $5,000. The cash prizes were given in the form of VISA check cards to be used during The Community Give on May 5, 2015.

“The VISA check cards can be used by the winning nonprofits to keep them in the running for the various bonus prizes offered throughout day,” said Smith, owner of The Insurance Smith, a full service agency in Fredericksburg. The winners are:

1st Prize of $2,400 in the form of 24 X $100 gift cards went to Fairy Godmother Project.

2nd Prize of $1,200 in the form of 24 X $50 gift cards went to Empower House.

3rd Prize of $600 in the form of 24 X $25 gift cards went to Micah Ecumenical Ministries.

4th Prize of $400 in the form of 8 X $50 gift cards went to Rappahannock Legal Services.

5th Prize of $400 in the form of 8 X $50 gift cards went to Pinnacle Baseball.

The Community Give 2015 will be held from 12 a.m. until midnight on Tuesday, May 5. “During this 24-hour online event, anyone may donate to support issues and charities they are passionate about,” said Teri McNally, executive director of The Community Foundation, sponsor of the event. “Each of the 155 participating nonprofits will be eligible for part of the $100,000 incentive prize pool from The Community Foundation and its sponsors.”

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