5 Tips As Your Child Begins Music Lessons

by | Aug 29, 2015 | Schools & Education

By Susan Larson

James Roberson, owner of Roberson’s Music, works with many parents whose children want to learn an instrument.

“As a musician, it is exciting to see children enthusiastic about learning music,” he said. “The most important thing for parents to remember is to support and encourage your child. Learning an instrument isn’t always, easy but the reward is huge.”

Roberson provided five tips as you start your child on their musical journey.

Which instrument is easiest for my child?
None of them! Each instrument has its own intricacy, and each player has their own strengths. People take to instruments differently, so a clarinet may be easy for Johnny but difficult for Jimmy, while the opposite could be true of the trumpet.

How much should my child practice?
Ask your child’s music teacher what they recommend for your child.

When should my child practice?
Practice needs to be deliberate. Don’t just say, “We’ll squeeze it in later.” Be purposeful and decide on a time of the day that is set aside for uninterrupted practice. I don’t think the time of day is nearly as important as making it a priority in your child’s schedule.

Where should my child practice?
As well as being deliberate, practice needs to be focused. Choose a spot with little to no distractions, including extraneous noise. Choose a place where your child’s attention can be focused on the music. Also consider other family members and household activities.

How much should I spend on the first instrument?
The price and quality of instruments ranges just like many other items. I suggest getting the highest quality instrument you can afford. Often renting a name brand and educator approved instrument is a good place to start. This gives you options to try other instruments and keeps initial costs low.

Roberson’s Music offers musical instruments for purchase or rent, repairs and lessons. There is a store in Fredericksburg at 1300 Jefferson Davis Hwy. and in Stafford at 2608 Jefferson Davis Hwy.


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