Lea Brings Her Blend of Rootsy Soul-Folk to Fredericksburg

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By local musician and contributing columnist Ashleigh Chevalier. Photo provided by the artist.

Lea will fill A. Smith Bowman Distillery Saturday evening, Sept. 26, 2015, with her blend of rootsy soul-folk. Lyrical, insightful songwriting and a warm timbre vocal will warm your heart and ease your mind. Lea’s previous albums have been nominated for several Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) awards, and her latest album “Let You In” is rippling through the region.

Lea comes to support Seth Glier at the September Music & Spirits Concert at A. Smith Bowman Distillery, 1 Bowman Dr, Fredericksburg. Doors open at 5 p.m., concert at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $18 online; $20 at the door.

Soul-Folk is a great description for the music you create. What physical art medium do you most relate to?
Recently, I’ve been becoming more interested in dance. Movement is definitely an important part of my music, so that would probably be my choice. Cool question.

A Baptist momma and a trumpet, travellin’ atheist poppa – where do you land spiritually? How does this guide your music?
I’d say I’ve landed squarely between my parents when it comes to spirituality. I believe in a high power and have a great faith in what you might call the non-physical or metaphysical, but I don’t have a name or dogma attached to it. I have always believed that true faith guides every area of our lives. Just as a few examples, I feel that writing is very intuitive and my best performances (in terms of making connection with audience) are, as well.

Songwriting with literary perspectives and characterizations is a craft carefully cultivated – you say you love fiction. What kinds of fiction do you most enjoy? What are you reading now? What about it is resonating with you?
I’d have to say that in the last few years, I’ve read less and less fiction. Typically, I’m really into science fiction Incidental to your previous question, I read a lot about spirituality and self-improvement these days.

As to my writing, I used to create stories and score them. In fact, a good deal of my earlier work was obviously character driven, with names and story lines and the works. I think my songs have become more general, but that same commitment to the many facets of humanity remains that I think I began to learn in the theater.

Is there a particular performer/songwriter that has changed your musical direction throughout the journey?
It’s difficult for me to pinpoint any one artist. I can say that every time we hear or come into contact with any artist (or any other being for that matter) that we are changed, usually in ways that we couldn’t begin to explain or understand. Just taking the time to answer these questions is having some impact, I’m sure.

Artists who I’ve come to love over the years and who you might be able to hear in my sound are Neil Young, Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon — with a question like this, you’re always leaving people out, so I’ll stop now.

What quote resonates with you most at this point in your journey?
I’ve always liked “Music in the heart can be heard by the universe,” which has been attributed to Lao Tzu. In general, “Every day in every way, it’s getting better and better.” I’ve heard this from a number of sources. I’m learning John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy,” and it feels like a really good prayer to pray with our little ones or on our own.

Learn more about Lea at http://www.thisislea.com/

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