Fredericksburg Election Results 2015

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Government

By Susan Larson

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Fredericksburg voters favored the Democratic candidates, but voters in other jurisdictions gave the wins to the Republicans, including incumbents Bryce Reeves for State Senate District 17 and Bill Howell for State House District 28. All results are listed below.

State and federal contest results are unofficial until certified by the Virginia State Board of Elections (SBE) on the fourth Monday in November.

State Senate District 17
Incumbent Bryce Reeves won over Ned Gallaway.

Bryce E. Reeves (R): 62.15% (24,563 votes)
In Fredericksburg: 45.31% (1,473 votes)
In Spotsylvania: 68.38% (9,509 votes)

Ned L. Gallaway (D): 37.72% (14,907 votes)
In Fredericksburg: 54.63% (1,776 votes)
In Spotsylvania: 31.52% (4,383 votes)

State House District 28
Incumbent Bill Howell won over Kandy Hilliard.

William J. Howell (R): 60.25% (8,057 votes)
In Fredericksburg: 38.81% (581 votes)
In Stafford: 62.95% (7,476 votes)

Kandy A. Hilliard (D): 39.41% (5,270 votes)
In Fredericksburg: 61.06% (914 votes)
In Stafford: 36.68% (4,356 votes)

State House District 88
Mark L. Cole (R): 93.58% (11,119 votes)
Write-In: 6.42% (763 votes)
In Fredericksburg: 75.45% (1,079 votes)

City of Fredericksburg Results Soil and Water Conservation Director
Giannina D. Frantz: 93.08% (2,396 votes)
Write-In: 6.92% (178 votes)


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