City Takes Over Annual Christmas Parade, Seeks Sponsors, Volunteers

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Government

By Susan Larson

What for 27 years has been known as the Fredericksburg Jaycees Christmas Parade will have a new name in 2014.

Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation is seeking sponsors — including a title sponsor — and volunteers for the 28th annual parade, scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 6.

The parade had been the annual project of the Fredericksburg Jaycees.  Last year, it was almost cancelled when the Jaycees had failed to recruit enough volunteers to run the event, but media attention helped secure the needed resources to proceed.

A new Jaycees president said he had hoped to reorganize and reinvigorate the planning process for 2014.  He resigned, he said, because a majority of the members were not interested in making changes.

In August, the Fredericksburg Jaycees turned the parade over to the City of Fredericksburg.  Department of Parks & Recreation staff have less than four months to pull it together.  Their first order of business is to secure sponsors.  Bids in the form of Request for Proposals (RFPs) are due by 5 p.m. September 10.  Click the hyperlinks for complete details from the city’s website.

Title Sponsor – Open to All Businesses
Investment: $9,000

The parade will be named for the title sponsor, said Tiffany Capehart, special event and marketing coordinator.  “Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation will advertise the parade in the following manner:  Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation presents the (insert business name here) 2014 Christmas Parade.”

Media Sponsor – Open to All Businesses
Investment: $5,000

If your business is neither print or radio, you will agree to provide funding for Fredericksburg Parks & Recreation to purchase radio and print advertisements.
If your business is radio, you will agree to provide in-kind radio advertisements and funding to purchase print advertisements.
If your business is print, you will agree to provide in-kind print advertisements and funding to purchase radio advertisements.

Volunteers are the life-blood of the parade.  “A total of 45 – 65 volunteers are needed to successfully execute the parade,” Capehart said.  Groups and individuals may volunteer.  Volunteers must be at least 18-years-old.

If you’re interested in volunteering, email [email protected]  Include a point of contact name, email address, telephone number and the number of volunteers in your group.

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