Lauren Calve, A Voice Like the Wind

by | Jan 17, 2016 | Music

Lauren Calve Band. Photo provided by the artist.

By Ashleigh Chevalier

Lauren Calve’s voice is like the wind: strong, sweet and wisp like, whirling around the elements. Her roots rock rhythm section sits deep in the pocket, so sit back and prepare to be wind struck.

The Lauren Calve Band and The Bobby Thompson Project, D.C. WAMA Musician of the Year Nominee for 2015, will perform at The Kenmore Inn (1200 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg), Thursday, April 23, 7:30 p.m. No Cover.

Where have you been? Where are you now? Where are you going?
I’ve been to a lot of different places. I caught the travel bug when I was 22, and have since travelled to 14 different countries throughout Europe, Central America, North America, and Asia. I taught English in South Korea for a year and did most of my traveling then. In the US, I spent some time in Wyoming working on a dude ranch and road tripping around Southwestern America. I have a bit of an obsession with new places, and expanding my consciousness through unique experiences. Also, I get antsy easily, and find it hard to stay in one place for very long!

Speaking of which, I’m planning a Southeastern Summer solo tour in support of my debut EP, “Between the Creek and the Tracks”. I’ve been playing solo and with my band, Lauren Calve Band, for the past two years, and feel like it’s time to play in front of different audiences. I’m excited!

Three strengths. Three weaknesses.
1. I’m a pro at sleeping.
2. Healthy eating. I’m obsessed with food industry documentaries.
3. Realistic portraiture. I used to get paid to draw/paint people’s portraits.

1. Keeping in touch with long distance friends and family!
2. Doing anything with makeup and/or hair products.
3. Flexibility — seriously, it’s worse than most men I know.

Describe your favorite dream.
I don’t have a favorite dream, but I do have a recurrent dream that seems to release from my subconscious once every week or so. To give you a little background, I played Division 1 field hockey during all four years of college. In fact, I chose my alma mater primarily because I wanted to play a Division 1 sport. It was a very important part of my life. I expended a lot of time, energy, and blood, sweat, and tears during those four years. Now, I have nothing to do with athletics, except, of course, when I’m dreaming. During the dream, I’m always completely unprepared. I’m out of shape, I forgot my shin guards, I forgot to bring my uniform, and I’m late to an important practice. The dreams are always horrifying! It’s the field hockey equivalent to the I-forgot-to-wear-my-shoes-to-school dream.

Where is home?
I’m still trying to figure that out. I wrote a song about it. I was born in Manhattan, Kansas, and have always felt a pull to that part of the country (hence, dude ranch in Wyoming). Who knows– maybe I’ll end up there after all!

Who were your first musical inspirations?
My parents, especially my dad, listened to all kinds of music. My dad gave me my first CD: “The Go-Go’s Greatest Hits.” Then, I got into powerhouse soul singers like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Tina Turner. Really, though, there was all kinds of music playing in the house: Big Band, Jazz, Classic Rock, Country, Grunge Rock… It was that kind of open-mindedness that really inspired me.

Whiskey? Coffee? Tea? Or…
Whiskey/Bourbon in tea. Hot Toddy’s are my go-to!

Ashleigh Chevalier is a Fredericksburg-based Raw Roots Rock & Blues musician passionate about promoting all musicians performing in Fredericksburg. She provides a weekly list of shows in the ‘Burg, and an occasional Q&A with a performer for Fredericksburg Today. Check her out at:
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