Q&A: Roosevelt Dime Plays Gypsy Sally’s

by | Jan 17, 2016 | Music

Roosevelt Dime. Photo copyright Kate Reeder.

By Ashleigh Chevalier

Roosevelt Dime, headin’ down through the Northeast corridor, bring a swirling blend of Creole rhythm and blues and Appalachian mountain sound, to Gypsy Sally’s, Tuesday, April 21. Doors open at 7 p.m. Show begins at 8:30 p.m. The Dirty Bourbon River Show takes the stage as well. Gypsy Sally’s is located at 3401 Water St. NW, Washington, DC 20007.

Roosevelt Dime is quickly gaining traction and fans abroad. Download their music for free when you purchase a ticket to the show.

Here are a few true tales from The Dime member’s mouths – ten cents please.

What is at the root of the songwriting?
Our songs generally try to capture a mood or a feeling that ties into the sound and feel of the music itself, as opposed to telling a discrete story. Lyrically, we’re moving more towards writing songs that reflect our core values – respect, equality, and a desire to use music to bring all kinds of people together. We don’t expect our music to answer all the problems out there, but we try to raise the questions through our songs. Musically – we really enjoy working with classic blues and jazz forms, but exploring ways to put our own stamp on them through the arrangement. We’re very conscious of how our instruments fit together and how to play off one another’s strengths. We’ll often have Craig playing a bass line that weaves in and out of syncing up with Tony’s drumming, much like a reggae rhythm section. And then on top, Eben and I often view our banjo and guitar parts as the right and left hand of a New Orleans piano player respectively, so he’ll play more repetitive rhythmic figures with some syncopation while I’ll improvise and embellish over that.

Please tell your funniest tour story.
Back in the early days of the band we did a lot of busking and playing out in the streets and parks. Eben would play a gutbucket bass – basically a large bucket with a broom handle and a length of rope coming off it. We were flying to California for a tour, and when he took that through the security check he set off a few red flags. Despite his protests and his eventual demonstration that it was in fact a musical instrument, the TSA didn’t budge. So our first stop on arrival was a Home Depot so he could build a new bass.

What wisdom would you impart to your listeners..
Listen to music you never have before. Talk with people on the other side of the line. Eat something spicy from a foreign country. Take a walk in the woods.

What is the most rewarding part of touring for each of your members?
I’ll speak for myself – the most rewarding part of touring is the opportunity to craft a truly unique shared experience every time we take a stage. That’s what can’t be captured on a recording or by watching a video of a band online. The energy that every member of the audience brings shapes the whole vibe, and so I just try to be present and grateful for that and soak it all in.

What are your guilty pleasures on the road? Coffee, whiskey, cultural cuisine?
Tony and I are big coffee drinkers. Eben and Craig are tea men. And we love us a late night diner meal after a show. We’ve been applauded for our menu prowess when it comes to late night eats.

What’s next for Roosevelt Dime?
We’re gearing up for a really busy summer season with trips to California, Colorado, Canada, and a ton of regional touring across the east coast. We’re writing new material all the time, so we’ll be working that in to the shows and plan on doing some recording as we go when it’s good and broken in.

Listen and Download Free Music at http://rooseveltdimemusic.com/

Tickets Available Here.

Watch on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2BjsvhF9u0

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