The Community Give 2016 Registration Open for Nonprofits

by | Feb 14, 2016 | Business

Andie McConnell, executive director of the Fairy Godmother Project, is thrilled to accept first prize from Jeff Smith in the 2015 Perfect the Pitch contest, in preparation for The Community Give. Photo copyright Susan Larson.

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region is preparing for its third annual 24-hours of fundraising known as The Community Give.

“It is a day when everyone in our region is asked to make a donation and show support for the local nonprofit organizations that positively impact our lives every day,” said Teri McNally, executive director of The Community Foundation. Last year in one day 155 local nonprofits raised more than $820,000. “This year we hope to “Make it a Million,” McNally said.

The third annual Community Give will be held 12 a.m. until midnight on Thursday, May 3, 2016. New and returning nonprofit organizations can register online and create or update their online profile. You may also call The Community Foundation at 540-373-9292.

“During this 24-hour online event, thousands of people will donate to support issues and charities they are passionate about,” McNally said. “Every participating nonprofit will also be eligible for part of an incentive prize pool from The Community Foundation and its sponsors.”

The Community Foundation does not charge donors or nonprofits to participate. The company processing the online donations charges an industry standard transaction fee.

The Community Foundation ensures all donors receive an immediate thank you and a receipt for 100 percent of their donation.

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