69 Trees to Be Planted Along Lafayette Boulevard

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Business

File photo of Tree Fredericksburg Executive Director Anne Little with a group of volunteers by Larry Faulkner for Fredericksburg.Today

A partnership between the Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority (EDA), Tree Fredericksburg, Marstel-Day LLC and the City of Fredericksburg will bring 69 trees to a five-block section of Lafayette Boulevard from Willis Street to Kenmore Avenue in Fredericksburg.

The EDA approved a $5,000 grant for the project at its January meeting, and the city has contributed to the project.

A contractor will plant 35 single-stem crepe myrtles that are considered too large for volunteers to plant. The remaining 34 trees will be planted on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2016, by volunteers from Marstel-Day LLC

“We will plant groupings of trees that will create visual interest and a palette of color that will change throughout the seasons,” Tree Fredericksburg’s grant application said.

Tree selection will be made to fit within the challenges of the corridor, which include power lines along both sides of the street and buildings that directly border the sidewalk.

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