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Her Son’s Illness Inspired Delta Murray to Become a Health Care Advocate

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Health & Wellness

By Susan Larson. Photo of Delta Murray.

An averted personal tragedy inspired Delta Murray to become a professional health care advocate.

Doctor’s told Murray her son, born two months early with a congenital heart defect, needed a heart ultrasound at every checkup. But at one doctor’s visit, the physician said things looked so good they could skip the ultrasound. Murray disagreed.

She persisted.

She demanded.

The heart ultrasound was performed, and immediate surgery was required. “I’m so glad you fought for this,” the surgeon later told her. “He would not have made it to his next checkup.”

“This was my first encounter with how powerful health care advocacy can be,” Murray said.

Murray went on to become a registered nurse. After year’s working in hospital, home health, and community nursing as an RN case manager, she’s started Personal Nurse Consultants.

Personal Nurse Consultants (PNC) is a care management company of registered nurses (RNs) who serve as case managers and health care advocates.

“The complexity of the health care system often leaves patients and their families feeling confused, lost or alienated,” Murray said. “We coordinate a seamless flow through the health system that enables clients to focus on improving wellness.”

Personal Nurse Consultant RNs use their expertise and empathy to connect all the pieces between family members, doctors, and other health care providers. The team of RN’s include Certified Dementia Practitioners, Certified Diabetic Educators and Certified Aging Life Care Managers.

“Personal Nurse Consultant RNs examine your situation holistically, considering physical health, mental health, financial resources and personal preferences,” Murray said.

The Personal Nurse Consultant RNs coordinate and advocate for their clients. “We manage all the pieces to ensure everyone providing a patient’s care is working in a coordinated effort,” Murray said.

Personal Nurse Consultants provides a free consultation to introduce potential clients to the individual services and care plans. These are available for an hourly or flat fee, without mandatory minimums or lengthy contracts.

Individual services include:
-Chronic condition management.
-Medication management.
-Providing transportation and supportive care for medical appointments and same day surgeries.
-Assisting with renewal and pick-up of prescriptions.
-Coordinating with insurance companies.
-Hospital discharge and follow-up planning.
-Advance directive guidance.
-Planning dietary and lifestyle health adjustments.
-Help finding in-home caregivers and home healthcare services.
-Relocation assistance to assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and adult communities.

ACE Care Plans — Advocate, Coordinate, Educate — are organized around a client’s unique list of diagnoses and needs. “By organizing and communicating the directions of a diverse healthcare team, PNC RN consultants are able to emphasize continuity of care to achieve the highest possible positive outcome,” Murray said. Plans are available 14, 90 and 180 day packages.

Caregiver Coaching is a private one-on-one session that empowers caregivers to identify and meet the pressing needs of a loved one.

PNC RN Consultant services are available in the City of Fredericksburg, and the counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, Prince William, Caroline, Orange, Louisa and Prince William in Virginia.

For more information and to schedule a free initial consultation, contact Delta Murray, R.N., at 540-287-2542 or [email protected]

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