Fredericksburg mayoral candidates Richard M. Dynes and Mary Katherine Greenlaw.

FredXchange Hosts Candidate Forum

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Government

FredXchange hosted the seven candidates on the city’s May 3, 2016, general election ballot to a forum on technology on Monday, April 18. The participants were mayoral candidates Richard M. Dynes and Mary Katherine Greenlaw; school board candidates (pictured below, L to R) Charlotte G. Horne, Jarvis E. Bailey and Jannan W. Holmes; and unopposed city council at-large candidates Kerry Devine and Matt Kelly.

Topics included the need to reduce the digital divide by providing all citizens access to technology, and better utilizing technology to provide information to city residents. Learn more about the election at City of Fredericksburg May 3 General Election Details.

#fxbg school board candidates speaking at @FredXchange forum. pic.twitter.com/oRMpQf0BNM— Fredericksburg.Today (@Fxbg2day) April 18, 2016

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