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School Board Candidate Questionnaire: Jarvis Bailey

by | May 1, 2016 | Government

By Susan Larson. Photo provided by the candidate.

Jarvis E. Bailey, Jannan W. Holmes and Charlotte G. Horne are running for two at-large Fredericksburg City School Board seats in the the May 3, 2016, general election.

Fredericksburg Today invited each of the candidates to respond to a brief candidate questionnaire.

Following are the complete and unedited answers provided by Jarvis Bailey.

Why are you running for school board?
I love working with young people and I want to make a difference in their lives.  I love education, and I value the power that education has to influence positive outcomes for children.  I live this dream daily across a broad spectrum – as a teacher, parent, pastor and school board member.  I want Fredericksburg City Schools to remain committed to the process of continuous improvement, and vigilant in its pursuit of excellence in education for all students.

What do you believe are the three most pressing issues facing city schools, and what do you propose to do about these issues?  Please limit your response to 100 words per issue.
2a. Enrollment Growth and the unique challenges that accompany it – chiefly the impact on the budget, primarily for staffing and facilities.
Our current student population of approximately 3,500 is projected to approach 4,000 by 2022. I propose strategic, collaborative planning with City Council that allows for a measured revenue flow capable of corresponding to the changes in growth, and creates partnerships with additional stakeholders to access alternative funding sources like grants and endowments.

2b. Teacher shortages in critical areas, especially secondary math, special education, English language learners, and advanced sciences.
Currently 100% of our teachers are “Highly Qualified,” teaching in areas of certification. Meeting the needs of increased student numbers and maintaining an exceptionally competent staff for critical areas will require us to do several things. First we should identify, nurture and train existing staff for service in the desired content areas. We can do this by providing incentives and support for teachers to add additional credentials and endorsements to their licenses. Secondly, we can maintain competitive salaries with our surrounding counties as well as continue to create an environment of professional optimism.

2c. Career ready students– with emphasis on the integration of content knowledge (especially Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), workplace skills, community engagement, and occupational pathways.
We must first examine our approach to this issue at the policy level by setting appropriate objectives in our Comprehensive Plan. Additionally, for a number of reasons, FCPS will need to manage this issue cooperatively, by establishing partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce and its business associates, as well as with community colleges, technical education centers, and other school divisions. Finally, we will need to focus on the front end with early career exploration in elementary school, and on the back end with student assistance to complete and obtain technical certifications and become college ready.

Please provide a brief biography (100 words maximum), to include your current or previous civic service, education, and occupation.
Working as the Mary Washington Hospital Assistant Director for Community Programs, I established a tradition of service. Prior to my school board election, I was on the Rappahannock United Way and Virginia YMCA boards. I continue to volunteer at the local Boys & Girls club and function as the Program Director for the Fredericksburg District United Methodist Church. I am a teacher, academic dean, and department chairperson at King George Middle School. In December, I will receive the Education Specialist degree from Old Dominion University. Additionally, I hold degrees from Virginia Tech and Duke University. I am a former Army Chaplain who is happily married with three incredible children – all James Monroe High School graduates.

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