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The Community Give Tops $1 Million

by | May 5, 2016 | Business

The Community Give 2016 garnered more than 9,500 gifts totaling more than $1.1 million to 182 local nonprofits.

This in spite of website failures throughout the event. About 10 hours into the event, the national giving day platform hosted by Kimbia crashed across the nation. “While other communities were forced to cancel their giving days, we were able to persevere and surpass our $1 million regional giving goal,” said Community Foundation Executive Director Teri McNally.

“The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, organizer of the local event, is committed to verifying all gift data before closing event transactions. “We are accessible by phone at 540 373-9292 or email at [email protected] for any donor who would like gift verification,” McNally said. “Our goal is to award the remaining prizes this week. We understand the importance of verifying the data, and we are dedicated to responding timely, yet responsibly.”  

“While many donors and nonprofits felt the frustrations of the national Kimbia server failure, many stories of success were shared with us,” McNally said. “These included nonprofits who doubled their goal, met new donors who cared about their work, and community members who gave for the first time in their lives. We surpassed our regional goal – we made it a million – but for this event success is not measured in dollars but in acts of determination, agility, grace and generosity.” 

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