William “JR” Raybold and Patricia Breland

Stafford County Schools Announce Principal and Teacher of the Year Honorees

by | Jun 15, 2016 | Schools & Education

Stafford County Public Schools announced the selection of Conway Elementary School Principal William “JR” Raybold as the 2016 Principal of the Year, and Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School reading specialist Patricia Breland as 2016 Teacher of the Year.

Raybold was also a Washington Post 2016 Distinguished Educational Leadership Award recipient.

He began his teaching career in Stafford County, teaching at Hampton Oaks Elementary and Kate Waller Barrett Elementary, then becoming the assistant principal of Margaret Brent Elementary. He was appointed principal at Conway Elementary School in 2009.

Breland was The Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher 2016 recipient for Stafford County. The award from The Washington Post acknowledges teachers who work to ensure children receive a high-quality education.

Breland began her teaching career in Prince William County. She then taught at Red Apple Preschool, prior to joining the faculty of Kate Waller Barrett.

Stafford Middle School Assistant Principal Jeffrey D. Howard was named assistant principal of the year.

“First Class Teacher of the Year” — an award for first year teachers — went to Edward E. Drew Middle School teacher Jeanine A. Popescu.

The Stafford County Teachers of the Year by school are:
Kristen Knott, Brooke Point High

Deb Hansen, Colonial Forge High

Seth Thompson, Mountain View High

Sarah Taylor, North Stafford High

Heather Prible, Stafford High

Rebecca Musso, Stafford Middle

Carol F. Korth, A.G. Wright Middle

Christy W. Cheek, Dixon-Smith Middle

Emma Cavanaugh, Shirley Heim Middle

Caitlin McClung, Rodney Thompson Middle

Brenda James, T. Benton Gayle Middle

Kristi M. Proudfoot, Edward E. Drew Middle

Sherry Guyton, H.H. Poole Middle

Lisa Skeer, Anne E. Moncure Elementary

Lauren Hanahan, Hartwood Elementary

Kelly Webb, Anthony Burns Elementary

Megan L. Winkels, Winding Creek Elementary

Kristi Frush, Park Ridge Elementary

Larisa Bowling, Margaret Brent Elementary

Chalee Carmichael, Grafton Village Elementary

Julie Allen, Ferry Farm Elementary

Michele Repass, Falmouth Elementary

Sarah Swiger, Stafford Elementary

Patricia Breland, Kate Waller Barrett Elementary

Daisy Perez, Hampton Oaks Elementary

Lesa Beach, Head Start

Debbie Hamilton, Rockhill Elementary

Kathy Kiel, Rocky Run Elementary

Lori Lerner, Widewater Elementary

Keisha L. Johnson, Conway Elementary

Jessica Mlyniec, Garrisonville Elementary

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