Fizzlebottom’s Cafe Celebrates Second Anniversary

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Business

By Susan Larson

Justin and Nichole Cunningham recently celebrated the second anniversary of their eatery in downtown Fredericksburg.

Fizzlebottom’s Cafe is located at 920 Caroline St., inside The Made In Virginia Store.

Coming to Fredericksburg
Justin has been cooking professionally since he was 18.  He’s almost 35. The Florida native came north to work as chef at a private women’s dining club in Dupont Circle in DC, and then at the International Country Club in Fairfax.

“I was working in Fairfax when I met my future wife, who lived in Fredericksburg,” Justin said.    “I moved down, we got married and then I was commuting everyday.  I wanted to do something in Fredericksburg.   This spot opened up and we took it.”

The spot was formerly a Nathan’s hot dog stand at the existing lunch counter.   When the previous owner decided to leave, Justin saw his opportunity. “It’s been doing very well and I’m happy,” he said.

Everything is Homemade
Justin’s specialties include boiled peanuts, homemade soups, exotic milkshakes, and original hotdogs and sandwiches.  The day I was there, he was serving Three Little Pigs: pork loin, pulled pork and bacon on a Kaiser roll with a mustard barbeque sauce.  His Sushi Hotdog is served with pickle-ginger mayo, wasabi mustard and Asian style cole slaw.  “Everything is homemade,” Justin said.

He has a weekly specialty milkshake.  Earl Grey Caramel is one.  In the summer months, his S’mores milkshake is a big hit.

Fizzlebottom’s Cafe, 920 Caroline St, Fredericksburg. Photo by Susan Larson.

The Story Behind the Name
A friend suggested Fizzlebottoms on Facebook when Justin was sponsoring a naming contest, because it’s the nickname the Cunningham’s use for their dogs.  “Pugs have a curly tail, so we call them little fizzle-bottoms,” Justin said.  “The cafe is basically named after a dog’s butt,” he laughed.

Josie and Teeny are the Cunningham’s pugs.

What does Justin like best about his job?  “This actually may sound cheesy, but the people I meet.  I like being up here and able to talk to the customers.”

Have you eaten at Fizzlebottoms?  What’s one of your favorites?  Tell us in the comments.

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