Michele and her children.

Rappahannock United Way Announces $1 Million Investment in Local Programs

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Non-Profits

Michele’s two youngest children loved “camping” with their mom.

Every night they’d get out their tent and attach it to their car. It really wasn’t camping, but Michele was trying her best to keep their spirits up despite becoming homeless after a divorce.

“It was a struggle,” said Michele, who has since made significant changes in her life. Thanks to several Rappahannock United Way funded programs, Michele now rents an apartment in King George, and she and her children are thriving.

“I never thought I would be homeless,” Michele said. “Every now and then when I got paid, I’d get a motel so we wouldn’t have to keep staying in the car. It was scary.”

“In an effort to help more people in our community like Michele, Rappahannock United Way is investing $1,015,750 in local programs for the 2016-17 funding year,” said Rappahannock United Way President Janel Donohue. “These programs focus on the three building blocks of a good quality of life: education, income, and health.”

“By focusing on vital programs in these areas, we’ll have a stronger community and stable, independent families,” Donohue said.

Rappahannock United Way is funding 37 different programs that will reach more than 19,000 individuals in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Caroline and King George this year. “We want to thank everyone who gave to Rappahannock United Way to make this happen,” Donohue said. “Together we are all part of the solution when it comes to impacting our community.”

Rappahannock United Way volunteers who serve as Citizen Reviewers evaluate and prioritize each program being considered for funding.

“Citizen review gives donors a voice in funding decisions, which means that donations to Rappahannock United Way have the impact that our donors want to see,” said Kathryn Palmer, Rappahannock United Way Community Impact Manager. “The process ensures that Rappahannock United Way is transparent in our funding decisions, and gives volunteers the opportunity to see how local nonprofits are working together to address the root causes of poverty.”

For a complete list of Rappahannock United Way funded programs, go to http://www.rappahannockunitedway.org/impact.html

Founded in 1939, Rappahannock United Way is a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community.

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