“Forever Revolutionary” Named Fredericksburg Main Street’s Unifying Brand

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Business

By Susan Larson. Logo provided by Fredericksburg Main Street.

Fredericksburg VA Main Street, Inc. (FMSI) has released its branding plan and logo. It is, “Forever Revolutionary.”

“This is a huge milestone for our group; the next corner stone in our foundation,” Scarlett Pons, past president, told members of Fredericksburg Economic Development Authority during FMSI’s branding presentation.

“Downtown Fredericksburg has not had a unified brand identity,” said FMSI Executive Director Ann Glave. “The regional identity, “Timeless Fredericksburg,” addresses the City of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Stafford as a whole. FMSI hired Higashi Glaser Design to create a brand identity for both the FMSI organization and district. This brand compliments the regional brand, and can stand on its own.”

Design Significance and Details

The year 1728 refers to the year the City of Fredericksburg was established by an act of the Virginia General Assembly.

 Circle Shape
• Timeless
• Eternal
• Cyclical movement
• Wholeness
• Modern and Historic

 Red Color
• Americana
• History
• Power
• Passion
• Most visible color
• Complements city signage

 “FXBG” Contemporary Typeface
• Modern nod to social media to engage youth

 1728 Classic Typeface
• One of oldest/most classic typefaces, used in Supreme Court documents and textbooks

 Forever Revolutionary Tagline
• “Forever” relates to city’s “Timeless” tagline
• “Revolutionary” references the City’s historic past and present relevance
• Based on 18th century calligraphy, a contemporary script with classic roots
• References signers of the Declaration of Independence

The brand’s promise: Graced with energetic restaurants, galleries and shops, Fredericksburg is accessible, relevant, and competitive while preserving its small town appeal and
historic charm. Fredericksburg offers a well-rounded lifestyle for a day trip or a lifetime.

FMSI is now working on a new website and physical and visual elements incorporating the brand, to include open late flags, banners, #LoveFXBg cards, branded gift cards, and decals. Banners are planned in six designs to serve as “calls to action” for downtown businesses. The attributes will be paired with a color, and provide “a clear way to navigate by looking down the street at the flags,” Glave said.

The attributes are:
Savor = restaurants
Peruse = shop
Reflect = historic
Navigate = outdoor activities
Create = art
Honor = memorial sites

“This is our first step to cohesively promote downtown,” Glave said. “Downtown businesses will be encouraged to use the logo and style guide in their marketing, to further assert the key unique qualities of our historic district as a vibrant and healthy community for residents, businesses, visitors, and property owners.”

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