Gov. Terry McAuliffe speaking in Fredericksburg July 8

Gov. McAuliffe Signs Emergency Order to Prevent Gasoline Shortages

by | Sep 17, 2016 | Government

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Governor Terry McAuliffe issued Executive Order #59 on September 16, 2016, declaring a state of emergency in order to allow for a state response to prevent gasoline shortages following the temporary shutdown of Colonial Pipeline’s main lines in Shelby County, Alabama.

“This Executive Order will enable Virginia to prevent any potential disruption to gasoline supplies,” McAuliffe said. “This is a proactive step to protect Virginia citizens and businesses by ensuring that companies can bring in the gasoline supplies they need to offset any shortages that may arise as a result of this event.”

Colonial Pipeline, which runs from Houston to New York, was shut down on September 9, after a spill of about 250,000 gallons was discovered. This major pipeline “provides gasoline for an estimated 50 million people on the East Coast each day, according to company estimates,” CNN reported.

Executive Order #59 waives certain state and federal regulations limiting the number of hours motor fuel carrier drivers can drive per week. This flexibility allows truck drivers to alleviate potential supply shortages caused by the temporary shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.

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