Cabin Creek Releases Third Studio Album

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Music

By local musician and contributing columnist Ashleigh Chevalier.

Cabin Creek will celebrate the release of “Station Wagon”, their third studio album, with an album release party from 6:30 – 10 p.m. Friday, September 30, at Picker’s Alley, 920 Caroline St. in Fredericksburg. Tickets are available online at http://cabincreekband.com/shows

An unofficial after party will follow at Capital Ale House, 917 Caroline St. in downtown Fredericksburg.

I asked Blayne, David, Eric and Travis a few questions.

Blayne: V8 and some solid trail mix
David: Coffee
Eric: Beef Jerky
Travis: Now that Cookout is in Fredericksburg and RVA, sadly I have nothing to look forward to.

Q2) Who drinks all the beer?
Eric Eric Eric

Q3) Favorite Songwriter?
David: Chris Luedecke (Old Man Luedecke)
Travis: Gregory Alan Isakov
Blayne: Chris Conley (Saves The Day)
Eric: Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio)

Q4) Who gets the most sleep?

Q5) Who cracks the funniest jokes? Truthfully, what’s your favorite shape?
Travis is a clown. And, umm, a circle?

OK, ok –

Q6) Please tell Fredericksburg.Today readers what to expect from this album, and why the band chose to re-record and re-release a few tunes.
From the new album “Station Wagon” you can expect to hear a full track list of the Cabin Creek sound. You can expect an album that flows effortlessly, beautiful instrumentation and tones, and the true organics Cabin Creek prides itself on.

To us, this album embodies the sound that CC set out to create from its inception. The album features six never before released songs, and four that have been released previously.

“The Same” is a song that was on our first album. We were never satisfied with this release. “The Same” was the song on that record that has always stood out to us, so it needed to be rerecorded and rereleased on this album. It’s the embodiment of Cabin Creek.

Then, we remixed and remastered “Miss Me” and “Hoping and Wishing” — two fan favorites from our previous EP “Goodbye Home.” Being that GH was an EP, it’s typical that once a band releases a full length album, the EP’s often get forgotten and pushed aside, and we did not want these two songs to be lost to history.

Finally, the new album features “Hello Bristol”, which again is a fan favorite. “Hello Bristol” has never before been release on hard copy, so we felt it was important to us and our fans that this song is put out on a hard copy and not just a digital release.

The boys will open for Fredericksburg’s legendary bluegrass band The Seldom Scene at The Birchmere on December 31, 2016. Fredericksburg artists sure are making their mark.

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