Jill & Lyndol celebrated their vote for HillaryClinton at Precinct 101 in Fredericksburg.

Spotsylvania and Stafford Vote Trump, Fredericksburg Supports Clinton

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Government

Compiled by Susan Larson. Photo copyright Susan Larson for Fredericksburg.Today

Donald J. Trump (R) won the 2016 Presidential election without Virginia. Hillary Clinton (D) won Virginia 49.46% to President-elect Trump’s 44.72%. Here’s a breakdown of the votes in the City of Fredericksburg, and the counties of Stafford and Spotsylvania.

Presidential Results in Fredericksburg
Hillary Clinton (D) received 6,690 votes for 59.59%
Donald J. Trump (R) received 3,731 votes for 33.24%
Gary Johnson (L) received 388 votes for 3.46%
Jill Stein (G) received 137 votes for 1.22%
Evan McMullin (I) received 189 votes for 1.68%
There were 91 write-in votes for 0.81%

Presidential Results in Spotsylvania
Hillary Clinton (D) received 23,279 votes for 38.40%
Donald J. Trump (R) received 33,742 votes for 55.66%
Gary Johnson (L) received 1,854 votes for 3.06%
Jill Stein (G) received 440 votes for 0.73%
Evan McMullin (I) received 863 votes for 1.42%
There were 443 write-in votes for 0.73%

Presidential Results in Stafford
Hillary Clinton (D) received 27,879 votes for 42.34%
Donald J. Trump (R) received 33,900 votes for 51.48%
Gary Johnson (L) received 2,055 votes for 3.12%
Jill Stein (G) received 546 votes for 0.83%
Evan McMullin (I) received 964 votes for 1.46%
There were 503 write-in votes for 0.76%

See the Virginia Department of Elections Results by Locality webpage for more information.

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