Orofino's outdoor seating.

Orofino Italian Restaurant Expanding in Downtown Fredericksburg

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Business

By Susan Larson. Photo copyright Fredericksburg.Today

Orofino, the Italian restaurant at 1006 Caroline St. in downtown Fredericksburg, is expanding.

The adjoining business — Pitaiyo — is leaving, and Orofino is taking the space.

“The official plans are still in the works, but the front will be used for a market/bakery, the lounge space for classes, tastings, and a waiting area, and the back section for additional restaurant seating,” said restaurateur Danilo Orofino.

Danilo will be making a formal announcement on Thanksgiving via newsletter Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Danilo and Alona Orofino opened their restaurant in August 2016.

Orofino Italian Restaurant Opens in Downtown Fredericksburg

Pitaiyo Closing Downtown Fredericksburg Store

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