City Manager Announces City Government Organizational Changes

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Government

By Susan Larson. File photo copyright Fredericksburg.Today

City Manager Tim Baroody announced the reorganization of positions, duties, and departments within the city’s government, effective January 2, 2017.

The FY 2018 Operating Budget will be built on the basis of these changes, Baroody said. There are no new positions in FY 2017, as a result of the changes.

The City Manager is the chief executive of the City of Fredericksburg, reports directly to City Council, and currently has nine direct reports.

“This is a mostly horizontal organizational structure that has worked well for some time,” Baroody wrote in a memo to City Council. “However, this organizational structure reduces time needed by the city manager to more fully engage citizens, city stakeholders, and businesses; a core responsibility.”

Changes to this structure include the creation of a second assistant city manager position, which will be filled by Doug Fawcett. Fawcett has served as director of Public Works.

The new assistant city manager will be responsible for direct supervision of Public Works — including Utilities — Transit, and a new Transportation Administrator. The new assistant city manager will also have oversight of capital projects and management.

“This action will consolidate the current nine reports to eight direct reports, and move reporting responsibilities of several functions to the assistant city manager,” Baroody said. They city manager’s direct reports are:
– Chief of Police
– Fire Chief
– Assistant City Manager (#1)
– Assistant City Manager (#2)
– Executive Assistant / Deputy Clerk
– Director of Community Planning & Building
– Director of Parks & Recreation
– Director of Economic Development

Public Facilities
The function of Public Facilities will move to Public Works. “The day-to-day management of Public Facilities share many characteristics with Public Works functions, in that there is much maintenance and construction work, there is a need for 24-hour emergency response, and similar missions such as snow removal,” Baroody said. “This effort, over time, is meant to create a more direct chain of command on like responsibilities, build a better sense of team, and drive efficiencies in operations.”

Public Works
The duties of the current Public Works director will now include oversight of all city public facilities. “In order to maintain this organization without adding any positions, the new Public Works director will not have an assistant director until one can be added through an upcoming budget process,” Baroody said. “Recruitment for this director position will be internal and occur immediately.”

Transportation Administrator
Erik Nelson, senior planner and deputy director for planning services, has been named to the new position of Transportation Administrator.

“The purpose [of this new position] is to improve the coordination with regional and state transportation authorities and improve the city’s ability to compete for transportation grant projects across the variety of federal and state transportation grant programs,” Baroody said. “This position will also be charged with planning for and improving city gateways and wayfinding signage systems.” The transportation administrator will be a direct report of the new assistant city manager.

Special Events
Special events will be administered by Parks and Recreation. “The city currently has a part-time position in Economic Development and Tourism that assists event organizers with the special
event process. There is also team of employees from several different departments who review special event applications to ensure public safety is protected and that events are well-planned
and executed.

“The reorganization maintains the committee, but the function will be led by Parks & Recreation, in cooperation with Economic Development and Tourism,” Baroody said. “The part-time position in Economic Development and Tourism will be reassigned to Parks & Recreation. The Parks & Recreation Department will continue its focus on supporting existing events, in cooperation with Economic Development and Tourism, and moving forward will have a stronger focus on the attraction of new events. These events are meant to live region wide goals for increasing economic development activities, while enhancing a sense of pride in our community.”

You can read City Manager Tim Baroody’s complete memo online, which includes an organizational chart.

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