A crew from River Rock Outfitter with the trash they collected during the September 2016 river cleanup event.

3 Tons of Trash Collected in Rappahannock River Cleanup

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Business

By Susan Larson. Photo by Meegana Henry.

More than 180 volunteers removed 3.15 tons (6,300 pounds) of trash during the Rappahannock River Cleanup on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016.

Volunteers gathered at 16 different sites along the Rappahannock, according to Bryan Hofmann, Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) Programs Manager.

“Our river cleanup programs work with groups interested in keeping the river healthy and beautiful, and this event proved how much our community cares,” Hofmann said.

The majority of the trash collected was single-use plastic bags, cigarette butts, cans, and bottles. Tractor tires, highway guard rails, an old television, an air conditioning unit, and two abandoned grills were also recovered.

“We want to give a special shout out to Konrad Heller’s class from Colonial Forge High School for cleaning the quarry trail and Rappahannock River under I-95,” Hofmann said.

This event was made possible by Friends of the Rappahannock, the Next Generation of Business Leaders, River Rock Outfitter, RPI Group Inc., American Canoe Association, City of Fredericksburg Parks and Recreation, Stafford County Public Works, Clif Bar Family Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Rappahannock Regional Solid Waste Management Board (R-Board) provided the dumpster.

“We have funding from the EPA to work with local area students on environmental education and stewardship projects,” Hofmann said. “These funds, in addition to the support of all the other great partners, made this event possible.”

If you’re interested in organizing or participating in a river cleanup, contact Bryan Hofmann at [email protected]

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