HFFI improves financial picture, issues awards

by | Apr 25, 2017 | History


On Sunday, March 19th the Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc. (HFFI) held their 2017 Annual Meeting at the historic Renwick Courthouse Building in downtown Fredericksburg.

HFFI’s recently appointed Executive Director, Emily Taggart Schricker, presided over the meeting with HFFI President G. Scott Walker.

The foundation’s efforts to rectify its previous financial issues have been successful thanks to cuts in payroll, renewed efforts to increase membership, and donations made by recent easement grantors.

In 2016 HFFI brought in $28,000 more than it spent, compared with a $24,500 loss in 2015.

Six new historic marker reports were produced in 2016, and an array of events in 2016 functioned as successful opportunities for outreach by the organization.

The group plans a 3-part lecture series on Civil War Diarists, a Historic Pub Tour, a Tombstone Tour, and a 1957 Tour of Caroline Street that will be part of the Annual Historic Fredericksburg Region AACA Antique Car Show held downtown in June.

New additions to the HFFI Board of Directors David James, Terrie James, Danae Peckler, and Ed Sandtner were approved by the membership at the meeting.

2017 HFFI Preservation Award Winners and Recognitions are as follows:

The E. Boyd Graves Preservation Award of Excellence Presented to Mike Adams, Jon Properties for his dedicated efforts to renovate and restore the historic National Bank Building.

HFFI President’s Award Presented to Christina & Richard Doherty, Jr. for their sensitive renovations and restoration completed at 304 Caroline Street.

Executive Director’s Special Recognition Award Presented to Shannon Lee & Jonathan Goldstein for their sensitive renovations and restoration completed at 704 Prince Edward Street.

The Lillian D. Reed Volunteer Award Presented to Ted Vinatieri for his exceptional service and dedication to HFFI.

Recognizing the City of Fredericksburg for their efforts and commitment to Historic Preservation in the City of Fredericksburg. This certificate was received by Kate Schwartz, the city’s new Historic Resources Planner. Ms. Schwartz’s addition to the city staff has shown HFFI that the City is making preservation a priority.

Plaques were presented by HFFI President G. Scott Walker to be displayed in the Fielding Lewis Store, home to the HFFI Offices, that acknowledge the generous past donations of buildings to the foundation.

303 Amelia Street, donated by Doris Buffett. The funds from the sale of this building allowed HFFI to set up its current endowment fund.

604 William Street, donated by Violette Stoner. The one-time offices for HFFI, the funds from the sale of this building allowed HFFI to proceed with renovations on their next location, the Fielding Lewis Store.

1200 Caroline Street, donated by Dr. Robert & Mary Ellen Wheeler. The current home of the HFFI offices, the historic Fielding Lewis Store allows the foundation to not only house their offices, but to interpret the building, and use it as a meeting space and outreach tool.

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