Fred Vegas On Tap: Red Dragon Welsh Ale

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Wine, Beer & Spirits

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The Red Dragon Brewery gets its name from the red dragon that appears on the national flag of Wales, which has symbolized this Celtic nation for more than a millennium. The brewery is inspired by the owners’ ancestral roots in Ireland, Scotland, England, and in particular, Wales. So, it is with pride in this heritage that the Red Dragon Brewery is committed to producing the very finest of craft beers. In fact, Red Dragon just won the silver medal at the 2017 Virginia Brewers Cup for Cook Lane English Pale Ale.

Over the next week, Red Dragon will be releasing two special beers that we would like to highlight.

First, on June 7th they will be releasing the Rose of Sharon Welsh Ale. Dan Baker from Red Dragon told me about a customer he started to notice coming in always wearing a red dragon hat. On one slower day he was able to spend some time getting to know the gentleman. The man told him how much he loved the place and in all his years never found a place he felt so welcome and appreciated us opening up in the neighborhood. He went on to discuss how his wife had found the place and followed its construction and enjoyed visiting upon opening. Sadly, she recently passed away and he says he comes here now not to mourn her but to celebrate her life and their time together. The info below was provided by Red Dragon:

“This ale is very special to us. It is named in memory of one of our wonderful customers, Sharon Ludwig. Of Welsh descent, Sharon and her husband Allen would come and enjoy themselves in our taproom. Allen continues to visit our taproom and we continue to keep him and his family in our prayers. A portion of the sales of this ale will be donated in Sharon’s memory to a charity of the Ludwig family’s choosing.”

Also, on June 10th they are releasing the Hazy Situation New England Style IPA

This one is a unique beer as well. Red Dragon had a contest for customers to submit names for a New England Style IPA. The lady that won turned out to be a regular customer and she got to work with the Cody Natale, head brewer to figure out which flavor profiles she personally enjoyed and crafted a beer around her preferences. “This beer is going to be the newest release in our New England Style IPAs. This hazy beer is loaded with hops giving it a citrus explosion on your taste buds!”

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