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VDOT Hot Spots for November 19th – 25th

Interstate 95 Exit 130/Route 3/Fredericksburg Interchange Improvement Project

Construction is underway to improve safety on Interstate 95 and Route 3 at the Exit 130 interchange in Fredericksburg. Motorists should be prepared for the following lane closures, construction activity, and temporary traffic shifts on Route 3, I-95 at Exit 130 and/or Central Park shopping area.

I-95 Southbound at Exit 130

(New) Sunday ˗˗ Wednesday, 9 p.m. ˗˗ 10 a.m. A single, right lane on I-95 southbound will be closed near the Exit 130/Route 3 interchange for construction activities related to the project. Expect overnight delays near the interchange.

Exit 130B Off-Ramp

(Update) Sunday ˗˗ Wednesday, 9 p.m. ˗˗ 1 p.m. The Exit 130 off-ramp will be reduced to a single lane from I-95 southbound to Route 3 westbound at Carl D. Silver Parkway. All lanes will reopen at 1 p.m. the following day. Expect brief delays at the interchange.


Interstate 95 Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Work is underway to improve the deck and substructure on several bridges located on I-95 in Stafford and Spotsylvania.

Spotsylvania County: I-95 Bridge over Ni River at mile marker 121

The I-95 bridges over the Ni River are located just south of Exit 126/Massaponax at mile marker 121.

I-95 Northbound: Monday – Tuesday, 9 p.m. ˗˗ 4:30 a.m.,

o     9 p.m. –  one lane closed

o   ­   10 p.m. – 4:30 a.m. – two lanes closed

o   ­   All lanes re-open by 4:30 a.m. the following morning.

o     9:30 a.m. ˗˗ 3:30 p.m. left lane closed during Monday and Tuesday

I-95 Southbound: Monday – Tuesday, 9 p.m. ˗˗ 10 a.m.

o      9 p.m. – one lane closed

o   ­   10 p.m. – 4:30 a.m. – two lanes closed

o   4:30 a.m. ˗˗ 10 a.m. A single lane will remain closed until 10 a.m. the following morning.  ­

Interstate 95 at Exit 118/Mudd Tavern Road Widening and Bridge Replacement Project

Crews are working to improve the interchange on Interstate 95 at Exit 118 (Mudd Tavern Road). The project will build a new I-95 overpass and improve on and off-ramps on Mudd Tavern Road, improve Mudd Tavern Road east of I-95, and Mallard Road.

Interstate 95 Southbound at Exit 118

(Update) Monday – Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  A single, left lane on I-95 southbound will be closed at the interchange for construction activities. Expect brief delays.

Interstate 95 Northbound at Exit 118

Monday – Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  A single, left lane I-95 northbound will be closed at the interchange for construction activities. Expect brief delays.

Stafford County Work Zones

Route 17 (Warrenton Road)

(New) Monday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.  Expect alternating, single lane closures on Route 17 between Short Street and I-95 on- and off-ramps for utility and permit work. Expect brief delays.

Route 3 Westbound Business

(Update) Monday ˗˗ Tuesday, 8 a.m. ˗˗ 4 p.m. Expect a single lane closure on Route 3 westbound near the flyover to Blue Gray Parkway for guardrail repair. Expect brief delays near the work zone.

Route 610 (Garrisonville Road) at Shenandoah Lane

Sunday ˗˗ Saturday, 9 p.m. ˗˗ 6 a.m. Motorists can expect alternating single lane closures overnight on Route 610 (Garrisonville Road) from Shenandoah Lane to Travis Lane for a milling and paving operation. This work is connected to the Stafford County widening of Garrisonville Road.

Route 630 (Courthouse Road)

(New) Saturday, 11/18, 7 a.m.  ˗˗ 4 p.m., Expect a slight traffic shift on Courthouse Road near Woodcutters Lane for pipe and sewer work.

Monday ˗˗ Wednesday,  8:30 a.m. ˗˗ 2 p.m., Expect alternating, one-way traffic on Courthouse Road between Cedar Lane and Monument Drive for clearing/trimming trees, installing concrete barrier and pipe work as part of the widening project.

Route 1389 (Ridge Pointe Lane)

(Update) Monday ˗˗ Tuesday, 8 a.m. ˗˗ 4 p.m. Expect alternating, one-way traffic on Ridge Pointe Lane near Deacon Road for guardrail repair. Flaggers will direct drivers through the work zone.  Expect brief delays near the work zone.

King and Queen County Work Zones

Route 14 (The Trail)

(Update) Monday ˗˗ Tuesday, 8 a.m. ˗˗ 4 p.m. Expect alternating, single lane closures on Route 14 near Elsom Mascot Road to allow crews to repair guardrail. Expect brief delays.

Lancaster County/Middlesex County Work Zone

Route 3 and Robert O. Norris Bridge Temporary Weight Limit Posting REMOVED

The temporary 15-ton vehicle weight limit has been removed from Norris Bridge. Vehicles carrying up to the legal load limit of 40 tons, and up to 45 tons with a blanket permit, are permitted to cross the bridge.

Westmoreland County Work Zone

Route 642 (Baynesville Road) OPEN

Baynesville Road is now open to through traffic after crews replaced a structurally deficient bridge over the Big Swamp with a new concrete slab bridge on new concrete abuntments. The bridge is located between Rt. 3 (Kings Highway) and Route 691 (Northernmost Road)..

Highway Improvement Projects 

The following projects are underway in the Fredericksburg District.  For more information about a specific project visit the Fredericksburg District project page on www.VirginiaDOT.org.

City of Fredericksburg

  • Interstate 95 at Route 3 (Exit 130)


Stafford County

  • I-95/Route 630 (Courthouse Road) Widening and Interchange Relocation


  • Route 610 Widening Project

This is a Stafford County project. Details can be found:      https://staffordva.gov/1559/Garrisonville-Road-Widening

Spotsylvania County

  • Route 606 (Mudd Tavern Road) Interstate 95 Overpass Replacement and Road Improvements East of I-95


  • Route 1 and Route 620 (Harrison Road)


Caroline County/King George County

  • Route 301 at Rappahannock River


Gloucester County

  • Route 662 (Allmondsville Road) Bridge Replacement


Lancaster County/Middlesex County

  • Robert. O. Norris Bridge Painting Project


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