United Way funds Legal Aid Works child and spousal support program

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Non-Profits

From Rappahannock United Way

Rappahannock United Way recently presented Legal Aid Works with $52,000 to fund a Child and Spousal Support Program. This program helps local individuals who cannot afford legal counsel obtain child and spousal support so they can sustain financial self-reliance.

“Women go into court alone all the time to face their abusers,” said Ann Kloeckner, Executive Director of Legal Aid Works, explaining that if someone has a civil legal problem and can’t afford a lawyer, they often don’t have anyone representing them. “People get chewed up and spat out. It’s a very complicated system.”

Rappahannock United Way supports this program to help more people in our community achieve greater financial stability when faced with life-altering situations.

“You’ll fair better if you have an attorney representing you,” said Kloeckner. “It’s about custody of your child. It’s about getting the unemployment benefits you’re entitled to. These are very rubber meets to road kind of issues. We get more than we give. We see people’s lives completely transformed.”

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