City of Fredericksburg, UMW to work together on master planning

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Around Town, Schools & Education

From University of Mary Washington

The City of Fredericksburg and the University of Mary Washington will work together on master plans involving both entities, executive leaders from the two organizations agreed during a half-day retreat Monday.

The two executive leadership teams met Monday morning in the digital auditorium of the Hurley Convergence Center on UMW’s main campus. Among the topics covered were how universities can play a large role in economic and community development, town-gown relationships and more.

Guest speakers were Dr. Eugene Trani, president of Virginia Commonwealth University from 1990-2009, and Jack Berry, who was formerly Richmond’s deputy city manager. Berry and Trani discussed the dramatic impact VCU had on Richmond’s emergence over the past 30 years as a thriving, hip destination.

Fredericksburg City Manager Tim Baroody and UMW President Dr. Troy Paino also filled in the two executive leadership teams on their priorities and plans. The two agreed to work together with their teams on each other’s master planning processes going forward in order to help both thrive.

Paino observed that the city’s and University’s strengths could serve as a platform for unique and accelerated growth. “Together, we are both stronger,” said Paino, “and Mary Washington wants to be a full partner in economic and regional growth.”

“Fredericksburg is a City of unlimited potential,” Baroody said, “and we know that we can best achieve our potential by working together with outstanding community partners such as the University of Mary Washington. Monday’s meeting was a big step forward toward that goal.”

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