River Road reopens in Stafford County

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Traffic


River Road in Stafford County has reopened after an extensive cleanup effort from Gordon Street to Route 3 (Kings Highway). VDOT partnered with Stafford County to remove large amounts of tree debris from the roadway, shoulders and ditches to make roadways passable.

A notice from VDOT:

Although the water from the Rappahannock River has receded in many places, there are some areas where River Road is still covered with water. Once the water recedes and all debris is removed, VDOT will inspect the pavement to ensure it is safe for travel before reopening the road to traffic.

VDOT and other emergency responders remind motorists to never drive around barricades or through water flowing across a roadway.

According to a 2017 traffic count, approximately 5,900 vehicles a day travel River Road.

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