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Dominion Raceway Driver Profile: Richard Storm

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Sports

55 year old Richard Storm was a paid firefighter/volunteer firefighter for 30 years. He retired from the fire service in 2013. He has been the Safety Director for Dominion Raceway since 2013.

Hometown: Partlow, VA
First Car: 1972 Nova
Favorite TV Show: “American Dad”
Favorite Movie: “Hateful 8”
Favorite Food: A good steak
Hobbies: Racing
How long have you been racing?
“I have been racing for 25 years.”
What got you into racing?
“My parents took us to the race track every week end to watch growing up. And that inspired me to want to drive a race car.”
What’s your favorite thing about racing?
“Favorite thing about racing? The speed and how focused you have to be.. It drowns out the rest of the world for that period of time.”
Do you have any superstitions, rituals, or traditions you do before you race?
“No superstitions… But I do put things in my car that people give me for good luck. I have a four leaf clover taped to the dash of one car… And a lucky horse shoe in my other car.”
Who inspires you?
“The underdog team or person [has] always inspired me.”

Richard Storm sits at a table with a boy standing next to him.

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