Summer Reading: Making it Easy and Fun

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Experimac, Partners, Technology

From Experimac

Summer reading is many students’ least favorite part of summer. However, not reading can cause students to lose learning gains they’ve just spent almost a year making. Struggles with reading affects learning in all content areas and can lead to challenges passing future assessments and classes. Help your children to hold onto their reading skills this summer; motivate your children to read independently and practice reading skills over the long break with these easy to access and use apps:

  1. OverDrive

    This outstanding app is not only free but allows you to use your library card to access e-books offered from your local library! Choose from thousands of books from libraries across the country. How cool is that? Checking to see if your local library is part of the program is easy.

  2. Tales2Go

    Motivating children to read over the summer is often a difficult thing to do. Thankfully, audio books make summer reading much easier for less motivated students or struggling readers. Give your family access to thousands of outstanding audio books for just $9.99 a month with Tales2Go. Following along in the text while listening to the audiobook is a great strategy for emerging readers and this works really well on long road trips.

  3. Comic Life 3

    Another way of promoting literacy at home over the summer is to provide children with a creative outlet. Comic Life 3 does just that in a comic book setting. Help your students fall in love with the art of storytelling and give them a platform to create their own stories using imagery and small captions. This encourages the use of creativity and imagination while reinforcing writing skills.

  4. Epic!

    This e-reader app is perfect for children 12 and under and provides users with access to thousands of books. As students read, they earn badges to acknowledge varied accomplishments. Families can set up individual user profiles to keep track individually of titles they’ve read. Consider setting a weekly goal for each child and reward those who reach their goal.

  5. Newsela

    Provide daily news articles for students of all reading levels to practice informational reading skills. This app provides a variety of topics for students to read about; topics are easy to find using the search feature of the app. Understanding non-fiction texts is a critical skill for test taking yet it’s not a genre most students pick up on their own.

Make the summer of 2018 a memorable one for your kids by setting reading goals and establishing a time for everyone in the family to share what they’ve been reading. Summer reading can take place anywhere – on the couch, in the backyard, by the pool, on a road trip or during a long flight or train ride. No excuses! Bring your iPad tablet® to your local Experimac store where no appointment is necessary. Our experienced techs will take care of that screen repair you’ve been procrastinating to get done. Or, if it’s time to look for a newer model, we may have just what you’re looking for and you can trade in your current device.

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